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Food grades: the horror, the horror!

In turns out my favourite “cheap and nasty” Chinese takeaway is very nasty indeed.

That’s according to the Auckland City Council, which awarded it a D grade for poor food hygiene – a score that it currently shares with 28 other central Auckland eateries that people like you and me eat at every day.

The news has left me feeling heartbroken because I’ll never trust this Chinese takeaway again and sick because, well, what the heck was I eating? My stomach churns at the thought of phantom Band-Aids, nail clippings and toilet water.

But at least it didn’t get an E grade for food hygiene. According to the Herald, 10 Auckland city restaurants received the lowest grade possible. We’re talking cockroach infestations and rodent problems bad; salmonella sandwiches and bacteria burgers, I’d imagine.

Fortunately, I haven’t eaten at any of the places on the list with an E grade – but I could have. Until now I’ve never looked for the food safety standards that restaurants are supposed to proudly hang for people to see.

In fact, if I hadn't read that article I would have continued to eat at my former favourite Chinese takeaway, putting my health on the line for a cheap feed of kung pao chicken and sweet and sour pork. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think saving a couple of dollars is worth the risk of food poisoning.

Do you think to look for the food hygiene grade when you go out to eat? Do you even care what it says? I’m going to start. From this day forth, I’m actually going to pay attention to food grades. 

No more cheap and nasty meals for me.

- Felix Foodcritic

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Comments (2 comments)

  • iiq374

    So when are you going to add the Food Grades to your listings? Would be real useful when looking up a business online to know!!

    12:19PM, 12th Sep 2013

  • Jacoda

    OMG! we have always looked for the health rating for all food places as this makes one feel safe & confident about purchasing food. However after I had read the NZ Herald article about the recent horror restaurants, last Sunday we went to a Chinese takeaway we had not been in awhile, purchase food, ate it, and realized after it was on the horror hit-list, Did I look for the health rating. Tried but could not see it and trusted based on previous visits that it was ok....Never, never again...these people need to clean up their act & be honest to deliver the basic service every hard working expects! AlLWAYS Check the health rating!

    3:43AM, 15th Sep 2013

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