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Economical - $10 to $20 3.36667 15

Bolliwood Restaurant

3.36667 * * * 1/2 from 15 reviews
Indian Restaurants

400 Titirangi Road Titirangi Waitakere City Auckland 0604

400 Titirangi Road
Waitakere City

(09) 8175252 Fax:(09) 8175252 Mobile:(021) 799235 Website

Since its opening, Bollywood Restaurant has become a local favourite, due to our unparalleled customer care, our traditional Indian dcor and of course and our exquisite range of authentic Indian food. We invite you to taste our unique dishes, inspired by cuisines all over India and only the finest Indian spices and herbs.

Drop in to this laidback, classic Indian establishment with a scenic backdrop that will make you want to stay a while longer. The staff are ready and on hand (you(TM)ll never have to wait here) with a fantastic menu and drinks list to match.

  • Business Hours

    Mon 11:00am – 2:30pm    5:00pm – Late Tue 11:00am – 2:30pm    5:00pm – Late Wed 11:00am – 2:30pm    5:00pm – Late Thu 11:00am – 2:30pm    5:00pm – Late Fri 11:00am – 2:30pm    5:00pm – Late Sat 11:00am – 2:30pm    5:00pm – Late Sun 11:00am – 2:30pm    5:00pm – Late
  • Cuisines

    Indian , Family Restaurant , Asian

  • Established


  • About the venue

    Children Allowed anytime Smoking No smoking Capacity 50
  • Outdoor Seating

    • Private
  • Licensing

    • Fully licensed
    • Beer - bottled
    • Beer - tap
    • Wine
    • Spirits
    • Cocktails
  • We offer

    • Brunch
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Delivery
    • Kids Menu
    • Vegetarian Meals
    • Gluten Free Meals
    • Halal Meals
  • Amenities

    • 2 televisions
  • Meal Price

    Economical - $10 to $20

  • Size

    5 - 49 Employees

  • Payment Options

    • Cash
    • EFTPOS
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
  • Dress

    • Casual
    • Shorts/Jandals OK
    • Jeans OK
    • Sneakers OK
    • T-shirt OK
  • Facilities

    • Private Functions
    • Disabled Toilet
  • Venue Type


  • Food Served

    • Full menu
  • Entrance Fee

    • Never

Reviews (15 reviews)

  1. Bolliwood Restaurant

    * 1/2

    Just returned from the Titirangi Masala and we are very disappointed. We had a Grab One voucher so we had to go for the 4 course meal. We sat down and immediately noticed our tablecloth had orange stains on it from previous diners. We had to ask for cutlery when our 1st course arrived. Course 3 was a sizzling platter. When it arrived, we had one small pice of kebab each and one small piece of chicken each. The only good thing about it was that after 3 'courses', I was still starving and couldn't wait for my main. When it arrived, it was warm, but not hot. When I spooned it onto my cold plate, it quickly lost any heat it started with. We ordered a side order of onion bhajis but we had to ask twice when they would be arriving. They eventually arrived just as my wife had finished her main and I had almost finished mine. This was a shame, as my main course curry was very tasty, and saved this review score from being even lower. To cap it all off, the service was appalling. A young waitress who barely spoke a word all evening. The only thing I can say is thank goodness I had a voucher and didn't have to pay full price. Very disappointing. I will not be visiting this restaurant again for a sit down meal. If I do go there again, I will only use it at the start of the week to pick up a $10 takeaway .

    12th September 2014

  2. Bolliwood Restaurant


    I have been here twice. The first time they got my order wrong and bought out a Bhuna Chicken instead of butter chicken and i sent it back and had to watch my family eat there dinner while i waited for them to cook me a new meal. The second time I was with a large group of people and my girlfriend got her main 12mins before anyone else recieved theres which was kind of like a drip feed situation from there on. After the mains came out it was a furthur 5minutes afterwards that the naans came out and by then we had all gotten through atleast half our meals.... Giant cock-up not once but twice and the only reason i give 1 star is because the food was ok but not spicey enough considering i asked for kiwi hot :(

    28th March 2012

  3. Bolliwood Restaurant


    When I entered the store, I noticed they seemed over staffed. There were at least 10 people in the front. Water was on the table as it typically is, and as I grabbed for it I noticed it was a closed bottle of mineral water. This made me uneasy, as I had not been in the restaurant before, and I understand it is likely there in order to be able to charge people who falsely think it is complimentary. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning. When eating at any restaurant, my wife and I always get one entree and one main dish. Most of the time this is all we can eat, and we try to avoid making the excessive waste that taking away left-overs produces. When my wife ordered for us, the waitress asked with much disdain, "And what are you having." as if what we had ordered wasn't enough. I ordered a cider and a tea, and told the waitress that would be all, but added "For now." She took the menus away almost in disgust that I hadn't ordered more food than me and my wife would be able to eat, obviously we were nothing but an open wallet to them. When I say "that's all I'll be having for now", that means I might order more food later. "Whatever", I thought as she took the menus away, if I want more food I'll ask for it back.... The waitress, coming back to the table, said they did not have the cider that I ordered and brought me out another cider instead. Of course she never decided to include the fact that it was a more expensive bottle. After the way we were getting treated I told my wife, "I bet that was a forceful upsale, and they still have the cider I ordered, there is a liquor store literally a stone's throw away from here. You watch, that cider will be more expensive." When my tea was finished I asked for more hot water for my tea. When the busboy asked the very pushy person that was ringing people up about it he said "We don't do this." Then the (rather trite by this point) waitress asked if I wanted another order of tea. I said no, I wanted hot water added to my existing order of tea. She acted as if there was a language barrier (not an issue previously) and said 'you want another order of tea?'. I said "No thank you, I'm not ordering another order of tea just for some more hot water." At this point me and my wife began to leave (we had already finished eating our food, which was consistent with the excellent quality of the other Masala locations I frequent.) and of course we have to have the man at the register ask us how everything was. "Very poor." I replied. "What did you have what was wrong?" When I said something about the hot water, he feigned ignorance "Why would we not give you hot water, it's free?". "That's exactly my point, when you go into a restaurant and ask for water, and they won't give it to you, is that the kind of establishment you want to frequent?" I asked. He backpedaled, told me he was referencing something else when he had spoken to the busboy (who was specifically asking about the hot water, only maybe 7 feet behind me... just because I can't see you doesn't mean I can't hear you) and was generally argumentative about it. He suggests it was my fault, that I mis-heard him, even though the waitress acted as if I must order more tea to get hot water added, directly after he had told the busboy "We do not do this." Of course, the $5.00 cider I had ordered was now $7.50 (there is no $7.50 cider on the menu), confirming my previous assumption that it was a forced upsale. When I brought this up, they pretended it was news to them. It was actually kind of worth the $2.50 watching them pretend they didn't know what was going on. The way I see the math, this is the worst type of chintzy money grubbing, and has actually made them less money. Not only would I have ordered more food with my refreshed tea (which is by the way one of the cheapest things for them to replace, as he said it's just hot water and is nearly free) I would have become a returning patron of their restaurant. There's no way I'm going to walk in and not spend at least 25 dollars between me and my wife, (this bill was $32.50) so that means that by being jerks and upselling me more expensive cider they just turned down TEN TIMES as much money as the $2.50 upsale in the future. Good job on that! If this is the kind of things you are willing to do in the front of the restaurant to overcharge and generally mistreat me, how can I be so sure you won't cut corners that will make me sick in the back of the restaurant. The answer is I can't.

    20th September 2011

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400 Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Auckland

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