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Review Guidelines

Why do we need your review?

We really appreciate the time you take to write a review on a business listed on menus.co.nz.

All feedback is encouraged so to help you out we’ve listed some handy tips on what makes a great review, and why your review helps your fellow diners when they make a decision for choosing their next great spot.

How do I write a review?

When writing a review on menus.co.nz think about what others might want to read about. The best reviews which grab attention and trust from others are friendly and useful. They describe a personal experience which you have encountered and why you think other diners will be interested in going there too.

Tips for writing a review

  • Keep your review brief and to the point – usually 20-60 words is a good measure.
  • Reflect your personality - your review could be interesting, humorous, or straight to the point.
  • Be original - let us know the unique or quirky things about the business you discovered, as that will make your review a great read.
  • Explain yourself – sure, you might just like to write in your review that the restaurant was ‘pretty good’ but we are keen to know why it was so good - so don’t be shy!
  • Keep it real - People trust your thoughts and opinion so don’t write anything false or incorrect.
  • You may also like to offer suggestions to better improve the business if you feel it could help.
  • Add a photo - a picture says a thousand words. Make sure your photo is relevant to your review and the venue you are reviewing. Any offensive images will be removed.

What happens to my review when I write it?

All reviews received by you are moderated by our Customer Services Team. This means that we reserve the right to edit any reviews received by you for grammar and form - but we will do our best to ensure the essence of your review is not lost in any way.

Please remember that menus.co.nz is a public website so any strong language, false information, personal attacks or feedback may result in your review being rejected. Any reviews belittling the views of others will also not be tolerated by our team.

Do you publish negative reviews?

Let’s face it, no one likes to hear negative feedback but we do find value in reviews that provide the truth about good or bad experiences and provide positive suggestions for improvements.

Sure, we do publish negative reviews but we reserve the right to edit or publish all reviews received. Negative reviews which cannot be edited sympathetically may not be published, however we will pass the review on to the business concerned who will be encouraged to reply to your feedback.

Please also remember that everyone has an opinion and the opinions of others are as valid as your own. The reviews section is not a forum for initiating a debate, so it’s best to avoid commenting on other members reviews altogether.

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