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Restaurant pet peeves

You know what really bugs me at a restaurant, bar or café? These things…

Hair in my food. It seems to happen all the time to me and yet I hardly ever complain about it (except right now, obviously). If my food already takes a really long time to get to me, then I just can’t wait for them to whip up another meal. Still, hair in food really disgusts me.

Slow service. I get it, you’re busy – but why do you have room for so many people but not enough staff to cater to them all? Frustratingly, by the time I’m aware that I’ve been waiting a really long time the sunk cost fallacy kicks in and I decide I’ve already committed too much time to just walk away.

“It’ll be ready in 10-15 minutes”. That’s what they always say! But here I am, half an hour later, still waiting for my pizza. And I can hear the waiter still telling customers that it’ll be 10-15 minutes. How about some honesty? “Sorry sir, we have no idea how long that will take.”

When they try to take my glass away while I’m still drinking. I appreciate the efficiency; what I don’t like is having my last sip of beer or wine being taken away from me. I paid for that and I plan to enjoy every last sip, thank you very much!

When they run out of what I want. I’ve been stareing at this menu for a while now and I’ve finally decided that I want the bluff oysters with a side of wild duck, which makes it really annoying when the waiter tells me that the restaurant has just run out of both of those things. Now I’ll need another five minutes to make up my mind or I’ll go off half-cocked and order something really silly.

The small print. Don’t you hate it when you’ve just had a lovely meal and it’s time to pay, the cashier takes prints out the receipt and the prize is not at all what you were expecting? “Sorry, you were eligible for the two-for-one special only between 5.35 and 5.45pm on the third Wednesday of the month.”

Holiday surcharges. The previous little scenario happens to me all the time on public holidays, when they’ll point to a tiny little sign above the register that I missed on the way in. Great, now you tell me that there is a 50% surcharge on everything. If I’d known, I wouldn’t have ordered so much or at all.

My food is under/over-cooked. You’re the chef who’s supposed to have been through years of training to get where you are; do you think this blackened piece of coal looks like a rare steak to you? Do you think this chicken breast should still have feathers and a pulse?

- Felix Foodcritic

What are your pet peeves when visiting a restaurant, bar or café? Check out (the sarcastic) McDonalds is the best restaurant ever.

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Comments (2 comments)

  • Umfoloz1

    I agreeded with all your comments in the article but I guess my biggest pet peeve is saying to each other during/after a meal,we should have stayed at home/had takeways!

    2:14PM, 11th Jul 2013

  • Menusnz

    Haha, that's a very bad pet peeve indeed! You never want to feel like you should have just stayed home. Thanks for the comment.

    2:46PM, 11th Jul 2013

    Reply to Umfoloz1's comment post @ 2:14PM, 11th Jul 2013
    "I agreeded with all your comments in the article but I guess my biggest pet peeve is saying to each other during/after a meal,we should have stayed at home/had takeways!"
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